Meteomed Marinas - Professional Weather Support for Yacht Clubs

Meteomed Marinas is the marine-weather forecasting service destined to Yacht Clubs, Marinas and their clients. With this product Meteomed intends to help Yacht Clubs and Marinas optimize the technical and logistics management of the harbors, to ensure the comfort and safety of their clients. By subscribing to this service Yacht Clubs and marinas will be able to provide their clients with an added value to their experience, as well as special offers. More specifically, Meteomed grants a 20% discount on the purchase of any personal subscription to the clients of the marinas, as well as 8 days of free premium subscription to all Yacht Club members.

The Meteomed Marinas package deal includes:

Monitor Service
Active 24h a day, it provides cartographies with several zoom levels and all marine-weather data (Satellites, Synoptics, Winds, Sea conditions, Marine-Weather Alerts).

Basic requirements include the possession of a new generation smart tv with 1366x768 (HD ready) resolution (at least) and connected to an ADSL internet connection above 7mb.

Access to the Meteomed platform
with a dedicated management account to check weather maps, synoptic tables and satellite images for the docks.

Your Harbor’s Weather Info
Synoptic weather report to be printed and posted.

PDF Light Marine Weather Report
Single-page weather report, specifically drafted to offer a quick analysis of marine-weather conditions in a particular maritime area. Wind and sea curves will immediately highlight the presence of weather alerts.

Activation of the Alert Service
Alerts for all the maritime areas of interest will be sent to a chosen phone number when wind, sea or storm warning thresholds are exceeded.

Direct communication with the operating room
Our twenty professional and certified meteorologists are available seven days a week.

Integration of the Meteomed Marinas forecasting service on the website of the marina.