Navigation Companies: Safeguard Your Passengers

A reliable meteorological provider is fundamental to all professionals of the maritime sectors. They all need a specialized and dedicated tool to monitor meteorological evolution on the whole navigation network or on single routes: for the safety of passengers and goods, for a better logistic organization and for the protection of their financial interests. On Meteomed they can rely to optimize the fleet and make the most out of each ship and every route they sail on.

All shipping companies can exploit the Meteomed Maritime service to trace all recurrent routes of their naval units right on our platform through a dedicated cartographic plotter, or by delegating one of our experts. They will thus be able to monitor all routes thanks to dedicated forecasting systems. A specific algorithm will cross-check our weather data with the information on the speed of the ship, time and place of departure. This way i twill be possible to calculate the hourly incidence of winds and waves, as well as sea conditions and the estimated time of arrival. A chart will then be drafted in which to check, on an hourly basis, the punctual data on every marine-weather variable along the route. Users will also receive constant updates throughout the day on weather conditions through condensed weather reports and alerts for the port of departure and arrival.

Our smart system of alerts will be able to preemptively identify the risk of adverse meteorological phenomena, so that clients can plan efficiently and in advance all movements of the ships and the best routes to follow.

Meteomed also provides a particular service for meteorological emergencies, to assist all sea operations alongside the authorities both for prevention purposes (before any possible accident) and intervention purposes (in case an accident actually occurs). Our operating room is always available for any meteorological consultation, seven days a week.