Organize Your Events with Meteomed

For years Meteomed has been playing a fundamental role of meteorological support system for the planning committees of important events. Our Events service mainly addresses nautical fairs and exhibitions, showrooms and, of course, sports competitions.

Meteomed offers technical support to the organizing committee for the optimization of logistics. Investing in the meteorological assistance of Meteomed will automatically increase the safety of your event, as well as cost saving. Knowing duly in advance and with extreme precision what weather conditions to expect will allow you to be fully prepared in case of adverse conditions or, on the other hand, to not spend money on useless excessive preventive solutions.

Meteomed also has the participants’ best interests at heart: it will provide public marine-weather briefings and high-resolution weather reports useful to all visitors in the planning of their activities. Your events will thus benefit from an added value that will be useful to you also for promotional purposes, because participants will identify it as a sign of quality.