Weather Forecasts for Beach Resorts

Meteomed will offer dedicated weather reports and alerts to every single beach resort, to help them optimize logistics and overall organization. The owners will be able to effectively take precautionary measures to protect the property in case of particular weather conditions. Employers will be able to call into work an adequate number of employees according to the number of clients that are expected to come, as well as to easily manage work schedules.

Meteomed also offers the opportunity to install a weather station equipped with a webcam right on the beach: this way clients will be able to check right on the establishment’s website the real-time and high-resolution weather forecasts for their favorite beach. It also represents an opportunity for the beach to bring more traffic, interaction and content on their channels, as well as on their property: for marketing purposes they post weather reports, alerts and updates in real time to show off their exclusive and quality service to their clients.