Weather Forecasts for Regattas

Technique, mental approach and strategies are the determining factors in the result of a sports competition. We help you build a winning strategy by providing you with an ad hoc meteorological service for the achievement of your goals.

The Meteoemd Race service has been designed to support teams, committees and single athletes in the creation of an efficient race strategy and in the optimization of the sports performance through a scientific approach. We are able to provide this service also in contexts outside the Mediterranean: Meteomed supported the Spanish Olympic Sailing Team at the Tokyo Olympic Games of 2020-21 by providing its technological and consulting services.

Meteomed is able to develop highly scalable meteorological products for the analysis of the physical-environmental dynamics of a racing field. Forecasting technologies are constantly evolving but natural variables are simply too many to be included in a confined package of math calculations. In fact, the large number of environmental peculiarities that define every single location also defines a micro-climate that, more often than not, is not registered by general forecasting models. However, with an in-depth knowledge of local environmental characteristics we are able to perfect meteorological forecasts and have a complete overview of the physical phenomena that could affect your performance and race strategy. As a matter of fact, in preparation to the Tokyo Olympics of 2021 we were able to build a highly specific marine-weather forecasting model for the Enoshima Bay.

The real difference is made, as usual, by the competent human component. Meteomed can count on a whole team of professional consultants, experts in the environmental analysis for race strategy. For starters, the consultant will support the team with meteorological briefing and an in-depth interpretation of weather reports. However, the ultimate goal is to help athletes build a safe sailing route and an efficient strategist to optimize the performance and win the race. His support will play a fundamental role in all navigation choices: from the choice of sails up to the identification of the most favorable areas the racing field. Lastly, with the assistance of a professional consultant, the athlete will be able to anticipate particular meteorological phenomena by immediately putting in motion the best racing strategy. This will guarantee a competitive advantage over the opponents that will rely, instead, mainly on technique and personal experience. The consulting service can be provided either in remote or directly on board.

Relying on a specialized meteorological service and on the dedicated consultation of a professional meteorologist already is a winning strategy. It will allow you to sail in total safety, to properly set the equipment, to relieve part of both physical and mental stress, to fully comprehend the characteristics of the racing field, to adopt the best strategy and thus improve your performance.

The Meteomed Race offer is structured as follows:


It allows the client to benefit from a consulting service dedicated to the world of regattas. Direct calls with the meteorologists before setting sea. SMS with satellite data a few times a day (3 updates) with special information for long races. Evening debriefings with an analysis of the race of the day and further advice for the following ones.


The Top Race Route package, as an additional feature, offer the possibility of tracing the routing of the race (Weather-Routes) This product was designed to identify the ideal route based on the evolution of weather conditions. This service can also include the presence on board of the consultant: in order to properly manage and monitor the route there has to be clear communication between the meteorologist and the sailors.


The Top Race Strategy option includes the presence on board of a Weather Strategist, a fully-fledged sailor, a specialist of the natural phenomena that influence navigation. He has strategic skills and meteorological knowledge; he is competent in the navigation science as well as in the marine and atmospheric sciences. The Weather Strategist analyses the synoptic data in light of the local thermal and orographic effects and of the surface current, in order to reach in the smallest amount of time the racing goal. He will offer an expert advice on which sails to choose and which areas of the racing field to prefer or avoid during the competition. He will be constantly observing the racing field and consequently updating the data on the evolution of weather conditions during navigation.