Weather Forecasts and Consultancy for Offshore

Meteomed can count on a competent model-making unit and an advanced technological infrastructure to create the best marine-weather forecasting models to support the maritime activities of Offshore Industries. The dedicated service provides high-resolution weather reports and a punctual alert system for the precise coordinates of all operating sites.

The ultimate goal is to optimize the on-site logistics and all journeys to and from land, both by sea and by air. Our Weather-Routes service can be completely automatized to provide every-day marine-weather forecasts along all chosen routes.

We offer offshore meteorological services for:

  • Offshore wind farms (both still under construction and already in function)
  • Cable-laying and dredging
  • Movements of oil platforms
  • Towing operations
  • Offshore deactivation operations
  • From ship to ship operations
  • Other operations easily influenced by atmospheric agents

Our operating room of professional and certified meteorologists is available seven days a week, remotely or on site, to integrate the modelling experience with the specific knowledge of the offshore sector and of the micro-climatic peculiarities of all micro-sectors of the Mediterranean. Our experts will be able to offer support through detailed meteorological briefings and consulting services for the operating staff during the planning phase and throughout the most critical operations. Our meteorologists are also skillfully prepared to offer operational advice and assistance during evacuation procedures due to tropical storms and other extreme meteorological events.