Meteomed is a Company Specialized in Weather Forecasts and Marine Services

About us

Meteomed is a company specialising in forecasts and weather services for pleasure craft and professional sailing which was established as a project in 2006 and, given our success, became a limited company in 2009.

In collaboration with Meteosolutions, one of the leading Italian weather operators, we have developed an exclusive forecasting model for the Mediterranean basin. Meteomed's marine weather forecasts are all processed by our servers and validated by our staff of professional weather meteorologists.

Our mission is not only to produce the best possible forecasts for the Mediterranean but also to make it easy for our customers to use our services everywhere and anytime.

For this reason, we have developed our proprietary multi channel platform: web, app, mobile, phone, SMS, email, through which our customers are able to receive information without any technological barriers, selecting the mode they prefer. All this with a 10-day forecast period, detailed timetable (first 48 hours) and with accuracy up to 2.5 miles. In order to provide "tailor-made" weather support, we have also developed exclusive services, such as Weather Routeing, Weather Warnings and Safe Mooring. For those who are not satisfied we also offer personalised consultations with our Italian-speaking staff.

Our company closed the boating season with rapid growth, thanks to over 21.543 subscribed yachtspeople, over 791 premium subscribers, 808.000 free general Mediterranean bulletins sent, over 34,000 unique site users during August, 117,000 visits to the site in 12 months and 762,000 web page visits in 12 months. We have become a veritable point of reference for anyone wishing to rely on accurate predictions in order to sail safely in the Mediterranean basin..

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