SMS which is simple, but complete

If you do not have a computer or an internet connection, you can receive SMS messages on any mobile phone with summarised marine weather forecasts for all of the Mediterranean micro-sectors covering the next 10 days. SMS messages remain in the memory on your mobile phone and you can refer back to them however and whenever you want. This service is especially helpful if you are travelling abroad, because you only pay for your subscription, without any "surprises" on your phone bill.

After subscribing and activating your subscription (by registering the mobile number to which you want to receive the SMS), you can set up the SMS service via our website (by clicking on "Configure SMS Services" in the Premium area). Otherwise, without ever having to access the Meteomed website, you can send SMS "commands" to (+39) 3202043252 from your mobile phone to set up/modify the service.

You can choose to receive the SMS continuously for a given period (from day x to day y), or upon request by activating the service from time to time. Set up the service by choosing either the marine areas or micro-sectors you are interested in, the weather data you want to receive, the frequency of the SMS (one or two times a day) and the forecast period (24, 48, 72 hours or 10 days). For the first 3 days, the weather data is detailed for 6:00, 12:00, 18:00 and 00:00 UTC. The following days, up to the tenth day, feature one 24-hour report. You can choose between three different combinations of weather variables (wind and sea only, wind and atmospheric weather only, all three variables and therefore wind, sea and atmospheric weather).

The number of SMS you receive depends on how you set up the service and the amount of weather data you require (a technical limit on the telephone network imposes a limit of up to 160 characters per SMS). For every micro-sector/day of the forecast with limited weather data (wind and sea or just wind and atmospheric weather), 1 or 2 SMS are sent per day. For example, if you request a 72-hour forecast for the wind/sea option, 3 or 6 SMS will be sent per day (by selecting all of the weather variables the number becomes 6 or 12 SMS per day).

Whenever you make a change to the settings by sending an SMS command from your phone (such as activation, suspension, or micro-sector change, see the next item) you will receive an SMS confirming the action you are requesting. The confirmation SMS is deducted from your credit. The same applies for each SMS sent in response to an SMS requesting a subscription status check.

Customers who use phones with non-Italian operator contracts cannot use the SMS service upon request or send SMS commands, but will they will automatically receive the SMS set up via the Meteomed site.

To easily and quickly set up the service with SMS commands (sent to (+39) 3202043252 without logging in to the website), we recommend that you print and always carry the table of numeric codes of the micro-sectors in your vessel so you can refer to them when sending your SMS commands (the table also reports the syntax of the different SMS commands as specified).

Download the SMS set up and user manual in PDF format

For a complete, but concise overview of what to consult and how to use the marine weather forecasts, services and various subscriptions offered by Meteomed's Free and Premium services, please see the table on the subscription page.

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