Emails with the most relevant marine weather forecasts.

Choose the option that interests you, set up your email preferences and then without having to visit the website, app or do anything else, all of the marine weather forecasts and the information you need to schedule your sailing or boat trips will be sent directly to your inbox. You can receive the general Mediterranean bulletin at no charge. Premium subscribers also receive targeted and detailed bulletins and Warnings for micro-sectors, ports or weather routeing.

Premium subscribers receive email bulletins three times a day, approximately at 2:00, 12:00, and 20:00, with PDF attachments of the weather information according to the information contained within the "dashboard" in your reserved area. The PDF contains the marine weather bulletin for sectors, ports and weather routes. The PDF file can be printed or stored on your PC, smartphone or tablet with full forecast summary tables covering the next 10 days (see example). You can also choose to send the email with the 10-day bulletin to your friends and crew members.

Premium subscribers can also choose to receive additional emails with weather warnings for selected sectors, ports and weather routes by setting up sea and wind levels that, when exceeded, will result in a warning being issued to you (see example).

For a complete, but concise overview of what to consult and how to use the marine weather forecasts, services and various subscriptions offered by Meteomed's Free and Premium services, please see the table on the subscription page.

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