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Thanks to our innovative charting system at different zoom levels, you can look at all the marine weather parameters on an hourly basis for up to 7 days and on a bi-hourly basis for up to 10 days. Reading weather forecasts from charts is very intuitive and can be used for a general outlook across the entire Mediterranean, with more detailed forecasts available within a single sector or a stretch of sea in front of a port. By clicking on any marine point you will receive all of the weather parameters (weather forecast, direction, intensity and gusts of wind, wave height and direction, maximum wave height, swell, water pressure and water temperature).

Forecasts across the entire Mediterranean

Thanks to our sophisticated interpolation system you have access to all of the marine weather parameters throughout Mediterranean graphically represented on an hourly basis for up to 7 days and on a bi-hourly basis for up to 10 days.

Detailed zoom

Thanks to our high-resolution model, you can consult the marine weather forecast with a detailed analysis of only 2.5 miles, analysing the conditions in front of the port that interests you.

2000 port profiles

We provide detailed profiles of over 2000 ports within Italy and throughout the Mediterranean. Therefore, you can look up the depth of the quay, the presence of beacons and lights, contact details, the number of boat moorings, warnings, side wind and services available.

It can be used on all devices

Our Meteomed charts are developed with the latest technologies, making them compatible with all operating systems and devices. Consult charts from your PC, smartphone and tablet, even in offline mode.

Weather Routeing

Meteomed weather routeing allows you to view all of the weather forecasts along your route, which has either been automatically or manually created, setting the date, time of departure and average speed of navigation. If you have a motor boat you can set sail knowing that you will not meet rough seas, thus avoiding excessive fuel consumption or sea-sickness. If you are a yachtsman you can avoid finding yourself in windless conditions or with the "usual" headwind that drenches the deck and alarms your friends.

Create your own routes

Thanks to the numerous ports you can quickly create and save all of your routes of interest. Modify the route at any time by adding intermediate waypoints with the ability to reverse the route

Establish when to leave and how to sail

By selecting the day and time of departure as well as the estimated cruising speed, you will know what weather conditions you will encounter along your route at any moment.

Charted and summarised predictions

Look up the marine weather forecasts in either charted or summarised form. Thanks to an accurate algorithm, the system now calculates the incidence of wind and waves, as well as the sea conditions and the weather forecast.

Your data is always with you

Save, print or share the PDF of your weather routeing so you can always bring it with you.

Summary table

Through simple and immediate summary tables, enhanced with symbols, vectors and chromatic scales, you can consult all of the marine weather parameters on an hourly basis for up to 7 days and up to 10 days every six hours. It is a way to read summarised and intuitive weather data, which gives a quick perception of the evolution of the sea and wind forecast over time. Forecasts are available for 152 micro-sectors across the Mediterranean, over 2000 ports or customised weather routes. Create elegant printed PDFs and/or share your tables as often as you like.

Summarised and intuitive forecasts

All of the marine weather data is presented in a practical and immediate textual table enriched with graphs and icons that makes understanding the temporal evolution easier and more intuitive.

Forecasts that are always with you

Summary tables can be saved as PDF files, printed or shared with friends or crew members

Micro-sector forecasts

The Mediterranean has been divided into 152 micro-sectors. Therefore, there are numerous summary tables for accurate forecasting at any given moment.

Port forecasts

In addition to the sectors, summary tables are available for more than 2,000 ports spread across the Mediterranean, giving you the possibility to consult forecasts not only in the quay but also 5 miles off.


Through an extremely customisable system, you can receive 10-day marine weather forecasts for ports or sectors directly on your mobile phone via simplified SMS or detailed emails. You can choose the weather parameters and when and how to receive them. Choose from two automatic updates per day or select the on-demand mode to receive the forecast on your smartphone whenever you want. An economical and immediate on-the-go service which is totally automatic.


Meteomed is able to alert you up to 72 hours in advance via SMS or email, whenever the weather conditions exceed the thresholds of your capability, according to the information you submit in relation to your experience, type of vessel or crew. Know ahead of time if stormy weather, heavy seas, or strong winds are predicted in sectors, ports or weather routes that interest you. By being aware of any dangers in advance, you can avoid nasty surprises and you enjoy the experience of setting sail with your friends and family.

Prevention is better than cure

Receive 48 hours advance notice on weather and hazardous sea and wind conditions via SMS and/or email, depending on your settings.

Maximum personalisation

Set up sea and wind thresholds according to your needs, choosing warnings for sectors, ports, or weather routes.

What makes Meteomed different?

Unlike many free services, we at Meteomed offer the most reliable, accurate and up-to-date marine weather forecasts thanks to our high-resolution model and multiple model emissions during the day. Our Meteomed services are totally customisable in order to meet your every need.

Increased accuracy
Constant updates
Maximum personalisation
Direct consulting with an expert
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